Do You ever...

  • long for more closeness and connection in your relationship?
  • have difficulty communicating your feelings and being vulnerable?
  • struggle with emotional, physical, or sexual intimacy?
  • find yourself caught in a cycle of blame, shutting down, or erupting in anger with your partner?
  • feel stuck in hurt, unable to forgive?
  • crave more passion, joy, and energy in your relationship?
  • feel stuck in a painful role or pattern with your partner, unsure of how to change it?

The Durham Couples' Clinic is branch of New Roots Therapy, offering specialized relationship therapy services, programs, and workshops for couples.  Through our work together, we help couples understand their patterns, embrace vulnerability, and grow in love.

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow...
— Brené Brown

therapy Sessions

Couple's therapy with a specially-trained relationship therapist.

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Programs and workshops designed for couples.

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