Online Couple's Therapy

Our couple's therapy services are now available online.  Why do therapy online? Here are some of the benefits:

1. Convenience

Online couple's therapy allows you to access our same high-quality counselling services, from the comfort of your own home using your computer, tablet, or smart phone. No traffic and no travel time involved.  All you need is a quiet, private space and an internet connection.

2. Ease of scheduling

Out of town? Working late? With online couple's therapy, multiple callers can join from any location which means you no longer need to be in the same place to meet with your therapist together, making it easier to coordinate appointments in your busy schedules.

3. Discrete Access to TherapY

Some clients prefer a more discrete way to access therapy.  With online couple's therapy, you don't have to worry about bumping into a colleague or a neighbour in the waiting room - you can feel at ease attending your sessions from the privacy of home.

4. Accessibility

Bad weather?  Feeling too sick to come in, but not sick enough to miss your session?  Is mobility a challenge for you or your partner? Online sessions make therapy more accessible across the board, which means that you can focus less on how to get to your sessions and focus more on your healing process.

For more information about our online therapy services, please click the link below or contact our office.